SmartSecurity.Guide here to provide guides to an increasingly complex world we assist in choosing smart security equipment.

SmartSecurity.Guide is a blog dedicated to providing reviews, news and an overall guide to the world of ‘smart security’ equipment and services.

Over the last few years the world of the ‘internet of things’ (or iOT) has evolved at a pace with new devices and services launched every day. SmartSecurity.Guide is here to provide a guide to this increasingly complex world, to help people choose the right choice of smart security equipment for their specific circumstances.

The types of things we cover includes:

Equipment Reviews
reviews of the latest and greatest security equipment on the market (along with links to 3rd party reviews, to give a full picture of what we and the rest of the internet thinks)
Tips and Advice
practical guides and advice on how best to secure your home or business using the latest technology
Local Security Company Directory
a directory of the top 2000 security companies across the UK, broken into regions and cities
Tech Trouble Shooting
installing a security system yourself, or trying to fix an existing system? This section provides detailed answers to your technical problems / issues.
guides to training to be an alarm engineer, along with a list of some of the best open alarm / CCTV engineer jobs open across the UK

SmartSecurity.Guide is written by passionate and experienced industry professionals, based in the UK. If you’re a security equipment supplier we’d love to hear from you, and learn more about what you’re up to. And if you’re a passionate security geek like ourselves and interested in contributing, we’d love to hear from you too.