Troubleshooting guide for the Kidde FX-5RD Fire Alarm Panel

Welcome to our comprehensive troubleshooting guide for the Kidde FX-5RD Fire Alarm Panel, designed to keep your fire safety system running smoothly.

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Welcome to our comprehensive troubleshooting guide for the Kidde FX-5RD Fire Alarm Panel, designed to keep your fire safety system running smoothly. In this guide, we’ll delve into the operation of the FX panel, detailing how to address various common problems, silence signals, perform lamp tests, and execute system resets. Whether you’re encountering issues with panel functions, disabling IDC zone circuits, conducting fire drills, or utilizing remote disconnect features, our guide provides step-by-step instructions for resolving common issues.

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Common faults with the Kidde fire alarm system – FX-5RD

The following is a list of the common faults with a Kidde fire alarm system, including user set-up and programming problems:

  • Kidde fire alarm system buzzing / beeping: how to stop the buzzer on the Kidde FX-5RD fire alarm
  • Sounder going off: how to turn off sounder on Kidde fire alarm
  • False alarming: how to stop a false alarm on the Kidde fire alarm, and disable outputs

How does the Kidde FX-5RD operate?

Normal condition: When non-events are present in the system, the FX panel operates in normal mode to monitor the system. 

Off-normal mode:

Whenever an active event occurs (such as an alarm, supervisory or monitor event), the FX panel will enter off-normal mode. In off-normal mode, the FX pane;” 

  1. Changes contact positions on appropriate common relays. 
  2. Activated alarm outputs (NACs) for alarm events only.
  3. Turns on the appropriate front panel LED and the panel’s buzzer. 
  4. Execute the appropriate programmed output response (NACs) for input that went off-normal. 

During an off-normal, active event condition, pressing the SIGNAL SILENCE & DRILL button turns off the audible NAC devices and lights the corresponding SIGNAL SILENCED LED. 

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How do I silence the internal buzzer on the FX-5RD?

To silence the internal buzzer, simply press the PANEL SILENCE button.

How do I perform a lamp test on the FX-5RD Fire Alarm Panel?

To conduct a main panel lamp test:

  • Press and hold the REMOTE DISCONNECT and WALK TEST buttons simultaneously.
  • Verify the operation of all LEDS on the panel and remote annunciator modules.

If installed, verify the LCD displays:

  • The Database revision number: DB#
  • The main panel version number: P:x.yy.zz
  • The F-DACT version number: D:x.yy.zz

How do I reset the FX-5RD Panel?

To reset the panel:

  • Press the RESET button on the front of the panel.
  • All LEDs on the FX panel light for 5 seconds.
  • The Trouble LED remains on for a period of an additional 15 seconds (power LED remains on)
  • When the reset sequence has completed, the panel buzzer sounds and then turns off and the trouble LED goes off.
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How do I conduct a fire drill on the Kidde FX-5RD? 

To conduct a fire drill:

  • Press and hold the signal silence & drill button for a period of 1 second. 
  • All audible and visible NAC devices are activated in accordance with programming. 
  • The alarm relay is not activated 
  • In accordance with programming, the panel’s F-DACT dialer transmits a fire drill condition to the central monitoring station 
  • The drill function will not operate during an active alarm or supervisory event at the panel. 

To cancel the fire drill: 

  • Press and hold the SIGNAL SILENCE & DRILL button a second time for a period of 1 second. 

How do I conduct an audible/silence walk test on the Fike FX-5RD fire alarm panel?

To conduct an audible walk test:

  • Press the “Walk Test” button on the panel once.

To conduct a silent walk test:

  • Press the “Walk Test” button on the panel twice.

To cancel the walk test:

  • Press the “Walk Test” button on the panel three times.

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