How to reset Veritas alarm

How to reset Veritas alarm

My Veritas alarm won't reset!? There are various scenarios in which it is necessary to reset your Veritas alarm system, and various reasons why yo

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My Veritas alarm won’t reset!?

There are various scenarios in which it is necessary to reset your Veritas alarm system, and various reasons why your Veritas alarm won’t reset.   The following are details of the different scenarios and ways of resetting your Texecom Veritas alarm . . .

Veritas alarm reset

To silence your Veritas alarm when activated enter your [4 DIGIT CODE]. Once this code is entered, the internal and external sounders will stop; but if you have external siren the external strobe will continue to flash. The display will flash the zone light of the zone which first caused the alarm activation and illuminate the zone lights of all subsequently opened zones (if any).  N.B. it’s a good idea to note down which zone(s) had been activated, so you can then check what activated the alarm (whether it was a real intruder via a zone, or a false alarm)

To cancel the display and stop the external strobe press [RESET].

The system will chime and return to unset.

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Watch video of how to reset Veritas alarm

Reset Veritas alarm after power cut

You should not need to reset Veritas panels after mains power cut.  During the mains power cut green UNSET led light will be flashing chime will sound every 1 minute. When power is restored and battery recharges back to normal green UNSET led light will be lit up.

Veritas alarm wont stop after power cut (and / or Veritas alarm bell box going off and keypad doesn’t work)

Prolonged mains power cuts can  drain panel battery to a critical level. If the battery is drained to a point that it is no longer capable to provide enough power to operate the alarm panel, the alarm panel will die and the external siren will sound.

External alarm sirens have a timer fitted to comply with noise pollution regulations (N.B. the standard timer is either 15 min or 20 minutes).  Old / ancient sirens (15 years+) may not have this timer fitted and will therefore continue to sound until the battery power dies completely.

The only way to stop the alarm sounding is to open the front cover up and cut the power to the siren. Opening the front cover of your alarm siren may prove challenging as the plastic covers on old sirens will have been exposed to the elements (sun / rain) and will therefore be brittle, meaning that the metal screws will most likely be seized in. 

In this case, your alarm battery will have been 100% drained beyond the point at which it will re-charge, meaning that you need to buy a new battery.

The options you have for replacing your alarm battery are to either buy and replace the battery yourself (by following these instructions here) or to get an engineer to visit your property to replace the battery.  We provide both services.


How to reset Veritas alarm after tamper

Enter your user code and press [RESET].  If this doesn’t work then refer to our ‘The tamper light is flashing article’ which gives more in-depth reasons as to how to reset your Veritas alarm.

Need further help?

If you’ve got a problem with your Veritas alarm that you really want to fix, then a good, quick and cheap option is to use our SmartSecurity Tech Telephone tech support service.

Or if you need to get an engineer to your property, then you can book an engineer visit from one of our experienced engineers here >>