How to change Veritas alarm battery

How to change Veritas alarm battery

Guide to changing & buying Veritas alarm battery If you have a problem with your alarm battery and want to change your Veritas alarm battery (Comp

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Guide to changing & buying Veritas alarm battery

If you have a problem with your alarm battery and want to change your Veritas alarm battery (Compact, V8 or R8), the good news is that it’s a relatively simple thing to do – that is if you have the correct engineering codes and you have the confidence to deal with both electronics and electricity.

If you’re confident with electronics, then all you need is to buy a new battery for your Veritas alarm – which will be either a 2.1ah, 3.4h or 7ah (12V) battery.  You can buy all 3 alarm battery variations from our online shop here [click here to view alarm batteries]

If you don’t know what it is, then the safest option is to go for then here’s a guide below – the basic premise being that different versions of the Veritas alarm has different amounts of space inside the panel, so you need to choose the right battery for your specific version of the Veritas alarm.

Where to buy veritas alarm battery

If you’ve got a Compact 8 (i.e. the smallest Veritas alarm) you should buy the smallest battery – i.e. the 2.1ah battery.  BUY 2.1ah BATTERY HERE >>

For the Veritas 8, we’d recommend buying the 3.4ah battery (the mid-sized option).  BUY 3.4ah BATTERY HERE >>

And if you have the R8 (i.e. the Veritas with a remote keypad) then you have 2 options, either the 3.4ah or the bigger 7ah.  We’d generally recommend the 3.4ah, as it’s guaranteed to fit.  BUY 3.4ah BATTERY HERE >>

You can see the full selection of Texecom Veritas alarm batteries via our online shop SmartSecurity.Store here >>

The reason I say ‘confidence to deal with both electronics and electricity’ is that as with most alarm panels, the inside of an alarm panel can be a spaghetti soup of wires (see photo below) – wires connected to both 12V circuits and also 240V, and obviously you don’t want to make any errors in this type of scenario as you’ll either
  1. accidentally knock a wire and cause a fault on the alarm (costing you money to fix)
  2. accidentally knock a wire and create a short (resulting in the danger of fire)
  3. electrocute yourself (painful!)
That said, if you have a certain level of competence around electrics then you should be able to work out what to do.  Again, that is heavily dependent on you having
  1. the right engineering codes (which will give you access to opening the alarm panel without setting off a tamper*)
  2. the right battery
Or alternatively you could get our help – with our killer team to visit your property and change your battery for you 😉  Get our help here >>

Veritas alarm engineer codes

Engineer codes for alarm panels aren’t readily available on the internet, as they’re viewed as a security risk.  To access engineer codes you could talk to a professional engineer, and we operate a simple 20 minute telephone support service that could help you with this.  Book a 20 minute call with an expert engineer here >>

*N.B. it is possible to change the battery without the engineer code, however this will set the alarm off – which isn’t necessarily a problem, however you need to be prepared for this.

Texecom Veritas (V8 or R8) battery replacement

The most common battery used in a Veritas alarm panel is the 3.4ah or 2.1ah 12V PowerSonic.  These batteries are pretty robust and need changing every 4 to 6 years – as similarly with car batteries, which have a similar level of exertion put on them.
N.B. Please make sure you don’t buy FAKE or CHEAP alarm batteries, as these may cause a hour fire.  If you want confidence, buy from SmartSecurity.Store (our online shop) which sells GENUINE Power Sonic alarm batteries – certified for use in Texecom alarms.  View complete Texecom alarm battery selection here >>

How to change a Veritas alarm battery?

If you’ve got the 2 main elements above (i.e. engineering codes and a new Veritas alarm battery) then all you need to do is:

  1. Enter the Veritas engineer code
  2. Open up the Veritas alarm panel front (by unscrewing the two screws either side of the panel)
  3. Remove the battery connectors (from the positive and negative terminals) and swap out the battery

All you need to then do is the reverse actions, as in put the panel front back on (making sure you click back the tamper spring), and then re-enter the engineering code so the panel is back to its original ‘unset’ state.

N.B. before you change the battery, you need to identify whether the battery in your panel is a 2.1ah battery or 7ah battery.  We’d generally recommend using the 7ah battery – as this lasts longer in a power cut scenario – however it depends on the amount of space available inside your alarm panel.  We can advise on who to identify the type of battery via our remote telephone service (find out more here >>)

Job done!

Watch video of how to change Texecom Veritas alarm battery

What happens if my alarm battery is dead?

If your Veritas or Premier (or in fact any alarm) battery dies – and there’s a power cut to the alarm – then the most common result is that your external bell starts making a massive racket / noise, annoying all your neighbours – and causing you a huge amount of stress.
This noise will normally go on for 30 minutes or so, and then end after the battery in the bell has also died.
After both batteries have died, your alarm system is now completely dead – and won’t work, until you power it up again, and replace the battery.

Get our help!

You have x3 options of how to deal with replacing your Texecom Veritas alarm battery – all of which we can help with . . .

  1. Buy battery only: buy a replacement battery and change it yourself.  You can buy all versions of the Veritas alarm battery from our shop here (2.1ah, 3.4ah or 7ah).  View different battery options here >>
  2. Buy battery with telephone support: buy a battery along with 20 mins of remote telephone support, so an engineer can talk you through what you need to do – giving you peace of mind, and minimising problems.  Book here >>
  3. Pay for an engineer: get an alarm engineer to visit your property and change your alarm battery for you.  Book engineer visit here >>