Don’t know burglar alarm code, how to get new alarm code

Don’t know burglar alarm code, how to get new alarm code

Moved into new property and don't know alarm code? If you've moved into a new house and don't know the code to your old alarm system then the opti

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Moved into new property and don’t know alarm code?

If you’ve moved into a new house and don’t know the code to your old alarm system then the options you have are:

  • Try a basic ‘default code’
  • ‘Default’ your alarm panel
  • Contact the old owners of the property

Default alarm code examples

All alarm systems have a ‘default’ alarm code – i.e. the code that the system came with out of the box. The manufacturers code depends on which manufacturer your system is, and also the age of the system (as default codes often change over time).

Example alarm system default codes include:

  • 0000
  • 1234
  • 4321
  • 1122

How to default an alarm system

To ‘default’ an alarm system means to return the alarm to initial ‘unprogrammed’ state – removing all programming from the system, and taking it back to its ‘default’ state.

Defaulting an old alarm system allows you to then completely re-programme it the way you want it – and allowing you to remove any errors that might have happened over the years.

How you default your alarm depends on the type of alarm you have. For example how you default a Texecom Premier Elite panel is:

  • Open alarm panel
  • Locate ‘default’ button, and press button
  • Hold button and remove all power (including battery and mains power) for 5 seconds.
  • Turn power back on whilst holding down the button, and hold for 5 more seconds
  • Your alarm panel should now be defaulted

Although defaulting your alarm may be relatively easy, re-programming the whole panel is a complex process – especially an alarm like the Texecom Premier – and only possible by a trained engineer on site.

You can book engineer visit quickly and simply via our SmartSecurity.Support service.

Still, need help?

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