AccessVu Video Door Entry System Review

AccessVu Video Door Entry System Review

Overview The AccessVu is a high quality video door entry system, designed for use in houses, flats and small businesses. AccessVu brings toget

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The AccessVu is a high quality video door entry system, designed for use in houses, flats and small businesses.
AccessVu brings together elegant design, high-quality robust finish with the latest technologies in door entry systems.  The AccessVu range offers excellent video and audio quality, and comes in kit form – combining door station and video monitors, with the ability to connect up to x4 colour video monitors at once.
AccessVu’s timeless design makes it a perfect part of your front-door furniture, designed to last an age – from a design, build and technology perspective.


The AccessVu comes with a tonne of features, making it not only a stylish addition to your front door but also a really useful and flexible one.
Here’s a breakdown of the features of each of the two main product components (i.e. the Door Station and the Video Monitor):

AccessVu Door Station features include:

  • Silver, Aluminium alloy, body (robust / weatherproof build)
  • Surface or flush-mounting options
  • Rain-cover, IP55 rated
  • RFID optional
  • Upto x4 screens per door station unit
  • Surface mounted-size: 110x158x57mm
  • Flush-mounted size: 122x182x41mm
  • 2-wire

Video door entry system

AccessVu video monitor features include:

  • 7” colour screen
  • White colour (only)
  • Talk, listen and unlock (remote electric lock) feature
  • Contrast, brightness and volume adjustment
  • x16 ringtone selections (inc ringtone volume adjustment)
  • Unit size: 215x136x16mm
  • 2-wire

Door entry video monitor

Feature review

The AccessVu is solid, reliable and stylish.  It’s easy to install, based around a simple 2 wire wiring format i.e. there’s 2 wires that connect the door station to the monitor, controlling both picture / sound communication, along with door-release functionality (N.B. the 2 button version is based around a 4 wire system, but nothing more complicated than that).
The level of video quality is very strong, base around a CMOS digital image sensor chip.  Video works in both daylight and low-light / night-time scenarios thanks to in-built infrared lights.
The 7” video monitor gives a quality image, and includes a door-release button and screen-quality controls.
The door station comes in two different mounting options: surface mounting or flush.  There’s also two different button options: 1 button (i.e. for a single occupant dwelling) or 2 button (e.g. for a building with two separate apartments).
The build-quality of each of the parts is high.  The door station in particular is extremely robust, made out of aluminium alloy and incorporating a rain-cover, providing an IP55 rating.

Product detail – what’s included in the kit

The standard AccessVu kit includes x3 core elements:
– Door Station: surface or flush mounted; 1 or 2 button
– Video monitor: 7”, white (as standard) with mounting back bracket
– 12V transformer / power pack
Additional video monitors can be purchased separately.


– High-quality build and design
– Easy-to-install
– Quality and video and sound
– Great value
– 12 month warranty


– Not 100% ‘plug-in and play’ (as requires wiring)
– Only available in 1 or 2 button versions

Our recommendation

We give the AccessVu a rating of 9 out of 10.  Great quality and great features; robust and stylish; great value.  Ideal for houses and small apartment blocks (with max 2 separate apartments).  Another great product from UK security manufacturer SuperVu.
AccessVu is available at SmartSecurity.Store starting from £169 (inc VAT) for a video door entry kit.