Scout Home Security System Review

Scout Home Security System Review

A review of the Scout home security system, including a look at installation, functionality pricing and some of the positive and negatives of the DIY home security system.

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Scout Home Security Product overview

The Scout home alarm system is a DIY home security system which sells itself on being “ridiculously easy to install”. They offer a wide range of hardware which users are able to install themselves and self-monitor via a browser or the Scout app (available on IOS, Andriod and even apple watch) They offer integration with Zigabee, IFTTT, Amazon echo and even the Nest system (our review of the Nest system can be found here)

The hardware which scout offers is very similar to the equipment you will find in a standard home alarm system – PIR motion sensors, Access sensors (door contacts), Door panel (to arm or disarm your system using a key FOB) – All of this equipment is linked together via the Scout Hub, which ensures constant, wireless communication between the you and the Scout. The hub itself has a 4G LTE cellular chip and a backup battery built into it, so if your WiFi goes down or your power, you are covered (the backup battery is said to last up to 24 hours). In order to gain access to the cellular back up a subscription is required.  A 105DB siren is also built directly into the Scout Hub.

The system itself tells you exactly which sensor was activated so you are able to more informed decisions when it comes to protecting your home. The hardware is very simple to install and is all completely wire free, meaning you can protect just about anywhere/anything in your property. The sensors are all powered by Lithium batteries and Scout insists the battery life is between 9-10 months.

If you have multiple members in your household, you are able to set up an account for each member, so when you arm/disarm Scout the other members will receive a notification stating who did it and what method they used. This enables you to see instantly when members of your family arrive/depart.

Product detail – what’s included in a Scout Home Alarm

Scout’s main selling point is only buy what you need – this means there is not standard “package” for the scout alarm system. However, a standard Scout alarm will consist of:

1x Scout Home Hub, 1x Door Panel, 1x Motion Sensor, 2x Window/Door Sensors, 2x Key Fobs, 2x RFID stickers, 2x Window stickers, 1x Yard Sign, Batteries for all equipment.


  • Easy to install – plug and play
  • Able to control alarm from both Smartphone and Browser
  • User friendly application
  • A  number of useful integrations, including IFTTT and Amazon alexa.
  • Able to create recipes – Motion sensors will triggers lights for example
  • 3 colours to choose from to suit your decor.
  • Every accessory and service plan is optional.


  • The system is very power hungry- eats through batteries
  • You are required to pay a monthly fee to use the system to its full potential
  • Internal siren is very weak
  • This system is not cheap -unlike many other DIY home alarms.
  • Motion sensors are not pet friendly
  • Motion sensors only have a 20 foot range and 90 degree field of view
  • Only a 1 year warranty on equipment.


This product is not sold directly in the UK, so prices are converted directly from Dollars:

  • Scout Hub – £104.82
  • Door Panel – £56.07
  • Access Sensor – £23.56
  • Motion Sensor – £39.81
  • Key Fob – £4.05

There are also 2 monitoring plans which Scout offers to its customers :

Always on – £9.99 / Month:

  • Email notifications
  • Scout mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Push notifications to mobile devices
  • 4G LTE cellular and battery backup
  • SMS alerts
  • No annual contract

Always on + – £19.99/ Month:

  • Email notifications
  • Scout mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Push notifications to mobile devices
  • 4G LTE cellular and battery backup
  • SMS alerts
  • 24/7 professional monitoring service – dispatch police on your behalf.

What the reviews are saying

The following is a taste of what other reviews are saying about the Scout Security system:

Scout has great-looking equipment that is easy to relocate. They’re fairly new to home security but so far they’re doing great. There are few complaints out there about them, leading us to believe their equipment performs well. However, they don’t offer some of the more advanced equipment like cameras so we have to dock them for that.


Scout gives you choices, but its four-product line-up is actually pretty limited in comparison to Samsung’s security- and home-automation-minded SmartThings.


Scout Alarm integrates well with two of the biggest names in home automation: Amazon Echo and Nest. You can make your home more secure and your life easier with this DIY home security system, but you’ll have to pay a monthly fee.

Examples of what people are saying / reviews of the Scout home alarm

Amazon Reviews

“I’ve really enjoyed using Scout Alarm so far. It’s super plug-and-play, and I love the IFTTT integration. I’ve created a few nifty recipes such as the system automatically arming Sleep Mode at a certain time every evening, and sending me a push notification. I also have the motion sensors doubling to trigger lights and switches. For example, only run the humidifier in my office when I’m not in it.”

“This system is slick looking but buggy and totally frustrating. After spending $500 I thought I had found a fit for my DIY security needs. After a few months, the hub died. I called Scout and they sent me a new one. I had to reset every sensor and the process to do so is tedious even as the tech walked me through it. The motion detection sensors have never given me peace of mind since they go off without any motion and don’t detect motion when there is. Really quite worthless. The entry sensors work a percentage of the time. The door sensor worked well enough, but the batteries died after 4 months.”

“This system and its monitoring is a huge waste of money since I’m away from home for longs periods of time and batteries don’t last but 2-3 weeks. Is frustrating that your whole system becomes useless while you are away. I was told they would have a big update that would improve battery life in JANUARY but nothing yet. They didn’t even respond to my last email. I had this system for over a year, and do not recommend.”