Netgear Arlo Smart Camera Review

Netgear Arlo Smart Camera Review

A SmartSecurity.Guide review of the Netgear Arlo internet camera system, including price, appearance, and some of the positives and negatives in using the system as part of your home or work security system.

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Arlo  product overview

Netgear’s Arlo is an internet security camera system which is completely wireless, letting you position the cameras anywhere you like. The cameras have built in wireless networking and run on Lithium batteries, which are said to last between 3-6 months.

The cameras themselves are white in colour and are no larger than a Iphone, making them easy to hide out of sight. Each of the cameras is weatherproof and built to survives temperatures ranging from 50 degrees to -10 degree celsius. You are able to mount the cameras without drilling any holes whatsoever due to the magnetic ball mounts which are included. These ball mounts also allow you to easily angle the cameras for the best view.

The cameras record in 720p (24fps) and with a very wide 130-degree field of view and 850nm-wavelength LED’s for night vision, a single camera is capable of covering an entire room. The cameras themselves are motion activated, meaning your storage space or battery power won’t be taken up by pointless footage. Using the Arlo app, you are also able to create schedules to disable the cameras during time where you are at home in an evening, but activate when you leave the house for work in the morning.

Product detail – what’s included in an Arlo system

The base kit consists of : 1x HD Arlo Camera, 1x Arlo base Station, 1x Magnetic Ball mount, 1x Free subscription to Arlo Service plan (7 days cloud recordings, up to 5 cameras, Limited support for three months).

There are 2 further subscription plans:

  • Premier – 30 days of cloud recordings, up to 10 Cameras, unlimited support = $9.99 a month
  • Elite – 60 days of cloud recordings, up to 15 cameras, unlimited support = $14.99


  • 720p recording
  • Real time viewing
  • Waterproof cameras
  • Highly flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Wire free
  • Free basic plan for cloud recording


  • Battery operated – Cr123 Lithium batteries – Last between 3-6 months.
  • No local storage
  • No audio (the Arlo Pro does have audio )
  • Easy for thieves to simply make off with cameras.
  • Monthly charge for longer cloud recordings.


A single netgear HD security camera Kit including the base station is £189.99 @ Maplin

A three camera system including the base station is £359.99 @ Maplin.

What other reviews are saying

The following is a summary of what other blogs and and magazines around the web are saying about the Arlo:

CNET review of the Arlo

“Netgear’s Arlo is your answer to un-tethered indoor and outdoor DIY home security — just make sure you have spare batteries handy.”

PC Mag review of the Arlo Security system

“With Netgear’s Arlo Security System, you can place wireless cameras just about anywhere to keep tabs on your home, but you’re trading some functionality for battery power.”

Examples of what people are saying / reviews of the Arlo

The following is a summary of different reviews by users of the Arlo:

Amazon reviews

WARNING – this is a great camera system, really clear both day and night. The night vision is fantastic. BUT it is not suitable for constant streaming i.e. if you want to sit and watch it over a long period of time. The batteries would go done very quickly doing this. In fact, streaming turns off (and has to be restarted) after 30 minutes. So, if you want to use it as a baby monitor, be aware of this. And remember there is NO SOUND on this system.”


“Very unreliable system. Picks up random shadows of passing vehicles with ease but doesn’t pick up intruders until they are LEAVING the premises . Cameras go offline randomly. At double the price of a Swann wired system, it’s a waste of money. For a decent amount of cloud storage and very poor support, it will cost you. A wired system will still be able to send push notifications and 1tb storage built in won’t cost any more.”


“Easy to setup easy to use. Really nice video clips & snapshots. Simply connect the base station by provided network cable to your network.Power it and sync with the camera. Nice little magnetic mounts allow easy of fitting & positioning.Make an account with Arlo with computer or phone application & configure your camera/s. Really easy. System is not for continuous use as cameras are battery powered but this is perfect for just looking in occasionally or using the motion sensor system (within your own custom schedule).  Currently checking my front door camera images from the pub!”