How to change the battery in wireless alarm sensor

Quick guide to changing the battery in a wireless alarm sensor Remove cover carefully: most alarm sensors have a small screw in the bottom whi

How to change the battery in an ADT Wireless Sensor
How to change the battery in a Texecom wireless sensor
How to change Scantronic 9448 alarm battery

Quick guide to changing the battery in a wireless alarm sensor

  • Remove cover carefully: most alarm sensors have a small screw in the bottom which needs unscrewing first.
  • Tamper alarm will sound: when the sensor cover is removed it will trigger a tamper alarm, making a loud noise.
  • Replace battery: replace the old battery with a new battery, making sure you insert it the right way round (N.B. different manufacturers use different alarm battery sizes, so you need to check you’ve bought the correct battery)
  • Replace cover correctly: replace the sensor cover firmly, screwing in the screw. N.B. if the cover is loose it will set-off the tamper alarm.
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More in-depth wireless battery replacement user guide

Changing the batteries in your wireless alarm system is easy, and should be done every 12 to 24 months – depending on how frequently your sensors trigger. In order to change the battery there are 4 steps to follow.

First, remove the cover of the sensor carefully. In most cases the cover is held by a small screw. When you open your alarm sensor it will trigger the tamper alarm and start your alarm ringing (You can’t do anything about this, unless you have the special engineer code). Remove old battery and replace with new one. After swapping batteries, make sure you place the cover back firmly – so as not to cause a tamper alarm problem.

Every wireless alarm system will have a different alarm battery inside, please note, you should buy alarm batteries from a reputable specialist alarm supplier. You should be careful about which manufacturer of battery you use – and make sure they’re the correct sort to avoid system faults.

What batteries are used in my wireless burglar alarm?

The following is a list of the most common burglar alarms in the UK, along with a list of the types of battery used in their wireless alarm sensors. N.B. the batteries used in wireless alarm sensors are normally specialist, and therefore a little more expensive – but worth it in the long run:

We hope this guide is of help. If you do need an alarm sensor battery, you can buy a pack from SmartSecurity.Store – our online store specialising in alarm batteries.

How often do I need to change the batteries in my wireless alarm sensors?

You need to change wireless alarm batteries every 12 to 24 months, depending on how active your sensors are.

Watch how to video

If you want to change the battery in your home alarm system you can do it yourself if you want. We’d recommend watching the following video which provides a step-by-step guide as to how to change a battery yourself:

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