How to remove a door alarm contact sensor

Quick guide on how to remove a door alarm contact sensor Remove screws from contactUnscrew wires on back of contactAlarm will then activateTwist w

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Quick guide on how to remove a door alarm contact sensor

  • Remove screws from contact
  • Unscrew wires on back of contact
  • Alarm will then activate
  • Twist wires together to ‘loop out’ system
  • Re-install by doing everything in reverse
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More in-depth user guide on how to remove and install a door alarm contact sensor

If you’re doing some home improvements, here are the instructions of how to move and install an alarm door contact.

To remove a contact, undo the x2 screws on each contact. On one side there are wires, the other side is just a magnet.

There will be 2 or 4 wires connected to the contact, unscrew these. At this point your alarm may activate. Enter your 4 digit code to silence.

To allow you to continue to use the alarm system, either OMIT the zone OR twist the two wires together – to ‘loop out’ the zone (so the alarm always thinks the door is closed).

To install the contact do everything in reverse.

Please note, there are x4 wire connectors on the back of an alarm door contact. The two connectors that are the ‘alarm connectors’ are the x2 ‘silver’ connectors.

Watch how to video

If you’re wanting to remove a home alarm door contact sensor yourself, follow this simple video . . .

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