How to change Scantronic 9651 alarm battery

How to change Scantronic 9651 alarm battery

Quick guide to changing Scantronic 9651 alarm battery Remove cover of alarm panel (N.B. alarm will ring)Remove and replace alarm batteryReplace al

How to change Scantronic 9651 alarm code
How to fix a Scantronic 9651 ‘Lid Tamper’ Fault
‘Mains Fail’ – how to reset Scantronic 9651 alarm after power cut

Quick guide to changing Scantronic 9651 alarm battery

  • Remove cover of alarm panel (N.B. alarm will ring)
  • Remove and replace alarm battery
  • Replace alarm panel cover and secure (making sure tamper spring is pressed down)
  • Enter 4 digit code to reset (N.B. your system may have ‘engineer reset’ programmed, meaning you need an engineer to reset your system)

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Scantronic battery fault / ‘battery missing’

There are a number of indications that your EATON Scantronic 9651 / 9751 / 9941 alarm has a battery fault / low battery and needs a battery replacement. The indicators are:

  • Scantronic ‘Batt missing’ message: this message will show on your alarm keypad to indicate that your alarm can’t detect the battery in your system (i.e. your battery is so low that the system can’t pick it up). In this case you need to sort a replacement battery immediately.
  • Scantronic ‘Low battery’ message: if you’ve got a low battery message on your Scantronic 9651 alarm this indicates your battery needs changing. Follow the instructions below / book in an engineer to do this for you (as you’ll ultimately need an engineer code to reset your alarm after you’ve changed your battery)
  • Scantronic 9651 alarm beeping constantly: if your Scantronic alarm is beeping, this is most likely to indicate you’ve got a low battery. Follow instructions below . . .
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In-depth user guide to changing a battery on a 9651 / 9751 / 9941 alarm

To change the battery in your Scantronic 9651 alarm, you first need to remove the cover of your main alarm panel by unscrewing the two screw on the the front of the panel. The alarm will then sound. To silence the alarm enter your 4 digit user code.

With the panel now open, locate the battery and remove the two terminals (red and black) making sure these don’t touch, and removing and replacing the battery. Please note, there is live 240V power in the transformer – so please be careful and make sure you don’t touch this. Also please make sure you don’t knock any of the other wires in the panel – as these may cause your alarm to stop working.

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Now replace the lid, making sure you replace the screws firmly. Please note, to reset the alarm an ‘engineer reset’ is required – meaning that you you need to book in an engineer to visit you and reset the system.

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