Troubleshooting Guide for Kentec Syncro View Panel

Troubleshooting Guide for Kentec Syncro View Panel

Welcome to this Troubleshooting Guide for the Kentec Syncro View Repeater Fire Alarm Repeater Panel. Here, we'll address common problems with your fi

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Welcome to this Troubleshooting Guide for the Kentec Syncro View Repeater Fire Alarm Repeater Panel. Here, we’ll address common problems with your fire alarm while you discover the essential information needed to operate the Kentec panel efficiently.

Photo of a Kentec Syncro View Repeater Panel. It's a grey box with a white front, a green rectangular screen and buttons signalling different functions in the panel.

Common faults with the Kentec fire alarm system – Syncro View

The following is a list of the common faults with a Kentec fire alarm system, including user set-up and programming problems:

  • Kentec fire alarm system buzzing / beeping: how to stop the buzzer on the Syncro View repeater fire alarm panel
  • How to solve a watchdog event
  • How connect an additional panel to the Kentec Syncro View
  • What is the Kentec Syncro View Fire Alarm Repeater Panel?

    The Syncro View fire alarm annunciator is designed to provide indication and control of the status of the Syncro analogue addressable fire control panel at remote or multiple remote locations or provide a more compact and pleasing user interface for the fire alarm system in areas where a large control panel would be obtrusive. 

    The Syncro View provides the same indications and controls as the Syncro fire control panel to which it is connected and can take full control of network systems if the control panel to which it is connected is configured to do so.

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    How do I silence the internal buzzer on the Syncro View Fire Panel?

    Silencing the internal buzzer in the main panel will also silence the Syncro View.

    For all other panel firmware versions that support the View repeater, silencing the panel buzzer at the host Syncro panel will not silence the View repeater buzzer. The View repeater buzzer will need to be locally silenced.

    What do I do if the Watchdog Led indicator is latched on on the Syncro View fire alarm repeater panel?

    If a processor restart has occurred, this latched fault condition will need to be reset by pressing the W//DOG RESET button on the bottom of the PCB. A switch is also provided to manually restart the processor (PROC RESET). 

    This switch can be used while the units are connected to the system to ensure that the unit starts up and establishes communication with the panel in a controlled and expected manner.

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    How do I add a Syncro View to the Kentec Syncro View Repeater Fire Panel?

    The Syncro View repeater must be added to the system by configuring the Syncro panel using the Loop Explorer configuration utility. Click on the site name in the left-hand window pane to show the option to add panels or repeaters to the system. If no panels are already added to the configuration then select the type of panel required. To add a Syncro view repeater click on the View Repeater Icon.

    To add a Syncro view repeater, double-click on the View Repeater Icon. Double-click on the panel to which the View repeater is to be connected.

    The Syncro View repeater is now shown in the centre window pane.

    Right-click the Syncro View and select “edit settings” to give the Syncro View a panel name (location) and an address on the serial bus. This address should be different for each Syncro View added and different to any other I/O boards that may exist on the serial bus.

    Once the configuration file has been loaded into the panel the panel will now expect to see a Syncro View at the address allocated to it and will show a fault condition if the Syncro View is not fitted or is removed. 

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