Texecom Premier alarm troubleshooting

Texecom Premier alarm troubleshooting

Common problems with the Texecom Premier alarm & how to fix them Tips & tricks on how to fix problems with your Texecom Premier alarm system.

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Common problems with the Texecom Premier alarm & how to fix them

Tips & tricks on how to fix problems with your Texecom Premier alarm system.  As a note, the Premier Elite can generate many problems as it’s a highly sophisticated smart alarm panel, so if you’re not confident with electrics / electronics, it may be better to seek advice first on how to fix your Premier alarm.

As a first step, we’d recommend booking a 30 minute appointment via our TexSupport service >>

Premier alarm won’t set during exit procedure and keypad displays ARM FAIL

If the exit procedure is started and zones are still ‘active’ or open at the end of the exit procedure, an internal alarm will occur (internal sounders only) and the strobe light on the external sounder will flash.

In this case it’s likely that one or more zones stayed open (back door, window etc.), or a zone is faulty (e.g. you’ve got a faulty sensor or there’s a tamper 

Alternatively, it could be that you didn’t leave within set exit time – and that therefore you need to extend your entry / exit time settings.

How do I know what caused my Premier alarm to ARM FAIL?

Type your code in to your Premier alarm, and the keypad will display what zone caused alarm to fail arming. There may be a number of messages being displayed and they could be changing too quickly meaning you can’t read them properly.

To slow down the messages, press any arrow to slow them down and use arrows to read through all messages.

You can also cause your Premier alarm to ARM FAIL by reopening your entry doors after you left. For example, if your door doesn’t shut properly and you need to wiggle the doors to shut them properly. As a tip, try to close the door on first go.

Alternatively, another reason why your Premier alarm will ARM FAIL is if you initiated the exit procedure  and then interrupted your exit procedure, essentially confusing your alarm.  For example, if you left through your door, closed it and then realised you forgot something and returned back, thinking, ah! the alarm is still bleeping I have few seconds to grab what I forgot.  In this case the alarm can fail to arm, so we suggest starting the process again.

The final suggestion to fix an ARM FAIL, is to check all doors,windows, re-set all panic buttons after you’ve used them.  If having checked all your sensors, and it still registers ARM FAIL, it sounds like you have a genuine fault.

One tip, if you’re in a hurry, is that you can omit the zone that appears faulty as a short term fix

How to OMIT ZONE on Premier alarm

It is possible to exclude (OMIT) individual zones when arming your Premier alarm  i.e. if a zone has a fault, or if you’re leaving a pet in kitchen etc.

Only users with access rights to this function can omit zones that have been programmed as OMITTABLE by your alarm company.

Enter a valid User code [****] and press [OMIT] enter zone number ( 3 digit number ), or scroll down using arrows, to the zone you would like to omit, and press [OMIT].

Repeat for other zones if required. Press [MENU] when finished.

N.B. if a zone is programmed as OMITTABLE, there will be a star [*]  to the right of the zone number

Texecom telephone helpline

If you’ve got a problem with your Premier alarm that you really want to fix, then a good, quick and cheap option is to use our TexSupport telephone helpline service. This Texecom helpline gives support for Premier alarms.   Set up a call with a Texecom technical support specialist via our helpline here >>

Texecom technical support helpline